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Basement Renovation Montreal

Basements have become popular among home owners in Montreal. It offers home owners the much needed extra space that can be used for various purposes. There comes a time when one would want to renovate their basement.

Preparation for basement renovation

There are tips about basement renovation from CSG renovation:

  • You will first have to identify any water issues that might affect your building. It is important to identify and address potential or already existing water issues before you start the renovation process.
  • Install drop ceilings. This will give you room for maintaining plumbing pipes and electrical lines when need be. This is necessary because drop ceilings are suspended hence they reduce vertical space in your basement.
  • You will also need to identify points at which you will install outlets. You can then decide on whether you will adopt DIY or hire someone to do it on your behalf.
  • Make sure that you get your permits from the Montreal municipality authorities before you commence the renovation process.
  • Come up with a strategy that you will use to eradicate the waste generated during the renovation process. You can consider hiring a garbage collection company to help you out with the garbage and the debris
  • If by any chance you are going to do the renovation yourself, you will have to gather specialized tools necessary for this exercise. Tools such as a sledgehammer, power saw, framing square among others can easily be obtained from hardware stores in Montreal.
  • Basement Renovation Montreal

How to identify the best basement renovation company in Montreal


In Montreal, the first quality you should look for in a basement renovation company is time consciousness. The renovating company should clearly inform you how long the renovation process will take. This is dictated by the competence of the contractor. Inept contractors are likely to take unnecessarily longer periods of time. A competent contractor will take the shortest time possible. View different companies’ website to ascertain the time that these renovations should take.


Companies with longer experience in basement renovation are likely to be more resourceful compared to new comers. It is a cliché to say that practice makes perfect. In the companies’ websites, look out for the number of years they have undertaken such projects. You can further assess clients’ reviews. These will help you in decision making.


For your basement to be renovated exceptionally there is need for complex machines and equipments. Going for a contractor who is ill equipped will most definitely undermine your renovation’s projected outcomes. Look out for a well equipped contractor.

Provision of various designs

Look out for a contractor who can offer various basement design ideas. From experience, contractors are able to do a number of designs when renovating you basement. Most contractors will provide for you photos of designs they have done before. Explore this opportunity for an outstanding and comfortable finish.


You don’t want to hire a contractor with an inept workforce. Ensure that the company you are hiring has qualified staff. You can find out by checking their registration status and practicing licenses from authorizing bodies in Montreal.

Importance of Basement Renovation

Offers extra space

In most instances, basements are used as storage spaces. Basement renovation in Montreal is important as it gives home owners the opportunity to have an extra room in the house. This can be used by new members of the family as a bedroom. In other instances, basements are renovated into TV rooms or as an extra living room.

Cost effectiveness

You want an extra space for a bedroom or even a TV room at home. It would be cheaper to renovate your basement as compared to building an extra block to accommodate these needs. This explains popularity of basement renovations in Montreal.

Assessment of the condition of your house

Basement renovation gives you an opportunity to check on the status of different systems in the house. These systems include the plumbing connections, and even the electric systems. During the renovation, these systems can be checked out to ascertain their proper functioning s all these connections are usually located in the basement.

Improved home value

After renovation, the value of your home is likely to increase. Unlike basements that are not renovated, a renovated basement counts as part of the house. In Montreal, it is estimated that basement renovation is likely to increase the value of the house by 30%